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Massage Packages


Client's can choose their choice of a Ocean Bliss, Deep Sea Intensive, Athletic Sports Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Orthopedic, or Pregnancy Massage.

As an added bonus client's are given 2 added (foot or back scrubs) to be used at their choice!

(60 Min) Sessions

4 Massages-$280 (savings of $60)

6 Massages-$420 (Savings of $80)

8 Massages-$560 (Savings of $100)

12 Massages-$840 ( Savings of $140)


(90 Min) Sessions

4 Massages-$440 (Savings of $60)

6 Massages-$660 (Savings of $80)

8 Massages-$880 (Savings of $100)

12 Massages-$1320 (Savings of $140)

Please note if a client no shows or give less than 24 hours of cancellation a massage will be deducted from the package bought.

The massages purchased must be used within 1 year of the date of the purchase. These packages must be bought within the office.  

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