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60 Min. & 90 Min. Monthly Massage Programs


Membership Details:

Enjoy massage each month with my monthly massage program!  Each monthly visit is $60 for 60 Min. or $90 for 90 Min. depending on the program selected.  

Choice of Massages:

Membership discounted services are for your choice of Ocean Bliss Massage (Swedish), Deep Sea Intensive Massage (Deep Tissue), Orthopedic Medical Massage, Athletic Sports Massage, or Pregnancy Massage.  

 Bonus Discounts:

An additional unlimited number of monthly services are discounted to the member at 10% off Regular Price.  This includes massage, body wrap, and scrub services.  Monthly massage specials do not apply to the 10% because they have already been discounted.

Each month a member shall be entitled to 1 service within the 60 min. or 90 Min. Program selected.

Membership starts on the day enrolled at the time of your scheduled 1st appointment.

You will have until the end of that month to benefit from the monthly massage.   Massage services WILL NOT be discounted to members that break this contract and do not follow through with seeking massage monthly. NO EXCEPTIONS

Regular price will apply when the contract is broken by the client.

Canceling Membership:

Memberships can be canceled at any time.  All canceled memberships must be in writing and dated.

If canceled within the first month, the member agrees to pay the regular price for any services received.

Give me a call to start your monthly massage program today at (850)-572-0224 or book online!

You will find that there will be a 60 min. and 90 min. monthly massage program option.

A $60/$90 charge depending on the program selected will be assessed on the last day of the month unless the contract is cancelled in writing. You will be sent reminders to book your monthly massage appointment as a courtesy.  It is ultimately the client's responsibility to book their monthly appointment.

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